How can I add call outcomes?

Whenever you finish a call, you need to fill in a call outcome.

By default, Teamleader automatically suggests standard outcomes, such as "successful call", "no interest", "voice mail" and "other". But you also have the option to define additional call outcomes specific to your business. For each of those outcomes, you can then define appropriate follow-up actions.

To get started, simply navigate to Settings > Planning > Call outcomes > click on the + symbol. On the following screen, you'll need to define certain parameters.

Name: The name of the call outcome as displayed in the list of call outcomes when you finish a call.

Type: You can choose between "Incoming", "Outgoing" or "Both". This parameter is especially interesting when you use our VoIP integration.

Follow-up action: You can define a follow-up action to each call outcome. This can be a task, a meeting, a call or a ticket. The last option is only available if you also use our ticketing module.

How this follow-up action works? Once you've chosen a call outcome with a specific follow-up action, a pop-up screen will open automatically for each task, meeting, call or ticket that you completed.

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