How can I manage meeting rooms in Teamleader?

Often debating about whether or not you booked that meeting room between 3 and 4? Teamleader will help you out! We offer a meeting room management feature, which works through an extended integration with Google Apps - Google resources.

Unfamiliar with this? We recommend you start by reading this article first. The general idea: in your Google Calendar, you can create multiple 'rooms'. Those will correspond with the meeting rooms in your office. Once created, you can assign one of these rooms to a meeting via Google Calendar. To make things easier, you can also assign those rooms straight away whenever you create or edit a meeting in Teamleader.

Simply go to Integrations and select 'Google Apps' to activate this feature. At the bottom, you'll find a link asking you to activate Google Resources. Click the link to synchronize your rooms with Teamleader and then click Save to proceed.

Next, create a new meeting in Teamleader. In the location dropdown menu, you'll be able to choose Resources. If you click on this, you'll get a new menu that shows your own meeting rooms as resources. Complete the process by entering your meeting details and clicking Save. There you go, you've now successfully booked your meeting room!

Whenever someone attempts to book a meeting room that has already been booked, they will receive an error message and will be unable to save that meeting.

Note: If Teamleader cannot retrieve your meeting rooms, go to > Security > API reference and make sure that "Enable API Access" is checked. Read this article for more information.

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