How can I display multiple options on my quotation?

In case you want to offer multiple options to your client, we suggest you use the following process.

1. Edit your template

The first thing you need to do is edit your template. To do so, navigate to Settings > Document layout > Start setup > Quotations. By default, the shortcode $SUBTITLE$ will be added to the template. You'll need to add $SUBTITLE_TOTAL$ to create the example shown below:

This way, you'll see the subtitles of your products and the sum of all products under one subtitle.


  • Shortcode $SUBTITLE_TOTAL$ needs to be on the same line as shortcode $SUBTITLE$, above your products. It cannot be placed below products.
  • You only need to complete this step once, as this template will be used for all future quotations.

Next, upload the template to Teamleader and proceed to step 2.

2. Create your quotation

Navigate to a deal and create your quotation. Within this quotation, fill in the various products and divide the different options via subtitles. Add a subtitle by clicking the two T's next to your product.

Your product list will then look like this:

On the following screen, click 'Advanced options' and switch the "Hide grand total" slider to 'Yes'.

This way, the total sum of your options will not be shown - only the subtotals of your different options.

3. Send your quotation

You then click Actions > Send quotation to send the quotation to your potential client.

4. Feedback of the client

Your client will then check the quotation online and inform you which option he/she would like to take. This can easily be done via the "Feedback" button in Cloudsign.

5. Adapt and resend your quotation

Edit the quotation according to your client's feedback and resend the quotation. This time, however, you'll want to set the "Hide grand total" slider under "Advanced options" on 'No', as you now want to display the entire sum.

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