How do I add a task?

Teamleader allows you to add tasks in multiple ways. But before you start adding tasks, we recommend you first define task types used within your company, e.g. administration, design or research.

To add a task type, navigate to Settings > Planning > Task types > +.

On this screen, you can choose a name, colour and cost per hour. The cost per hour is important when you invoice the time tracked for this task type to your client. Read this article for more information.

You'll need to link a bookkeeping account in case you connected your Teamleader account to an accountancy tool.

Once you added different task types, you can start creating actual tasks.

Via the dashboard

In order to create a task via the dashboard, simply navigate to the dashboard and click on the plus sign next to tasks.

On the following screen, you

  • Fill in a customer (optional, as tasks can also be internal)
  • Link the task to a project (optional, as tasks do not need to be connected to a project)
  • Choose a task type
  • Assign it to a colleague, to yourself or to a team. Click here for more information on the team options.
  • Choose a due date.
  • Define a duration (optional, as you can also use tasks as a to do list without a predefined duration)
  • Fill in a priority (B is the standard option)
  • Fill in optional custom fields. Check this article for more information on custom fields.
  • Decide whether your task should be a one-time task or whether it should be a recurring one. In this article, you'll find more information on how to create a recurring task.

In a next step, you either decide to save a task or click "Save and schedule".

Save: The task is created and will appear on your dashboard but not in your calendar. If you want to read more about the items on your dashboard, click here.

Save and schedule: You will be redirected to your calendar and you can schedule the task right away via drag and drop. The task will only appear on your dashboard the day it has been planned in.

Via the CRM

When navigating to CRM > Contacts or companies and choosing an entry, you can click on the plus sign in the menu bar at the top of your screen, and select "Add task".

You will then see a screen similar to the one before, but the client will already be filled in. The task can be linked to a deal in case there is one for this particular client.

As a follow-up action of a call

In case you defined a task as a follow-up action of your calls under Settings > Planning, you can create a new task based on a call. Click here for more information on call outcomes.

Out of a project

When managing a project, you also have the option to add a task to the milestone of a project. Simply navigate to the project and that particular milestone and click "New task" under the "To be planned" section.

The following screen looks much like the one before, but the customer, project and milestone have been filled in.

When you click "Save", the task will remain in the "To be planned" section of the project. If you select "Save and schedule", the task will be moved to the "Planned" section.

Once you create the task, you'll always have the direct link between task and project as the customer, project and milestone are all clickable links in a task.

Linked to a ticket

When you work on a ticket, it may be useful to link a task to a ticket to either be able to follow up on it or to track time. In this tutorial, you'll find more information on that.

In order to link a task to a ticket, scroll to the very bottom of a ticket and click the plus sign next to tasks.

On the following screen, you'll see that the customer has already been filled in. As with projects, the link between the task and the ticket is provided via a clickable link in the task.

Via email tracking

You can also easily create tasks immediately from emails if you use our email tracking feature.

In bulk

Lastly Teamleader also allows you to create tasks in bulk. If you select a specific segment in the CRM section and click on actions, you can select create tasks to add tasks to several clients at once:

In the same way you can adapt existing tasks in bulk by selecting a segment in planning > tasks and clicking on actions. You now have several possibilities relating to the tasks in this segment:

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