How do I add a call?

There are a couple of options to add calls in Teamleader, which are explained below. Don’t feel like reading? Watch this tutorial instead.

1. Via dashboard

The first possibility is to add a call straight on your dashboard by clicking the plus sign:

Now you can complete the details of your call. The call is automatically assigned to the person who creates it, but you can easily assign it to a colleague as well. To follow up your calls, you can set up call outcomes and follow-up actions specific to your process as explained in this article.

2. Via planning

Another option is to go to planning > calls and clicking on the plus sign there:

In this section you can easily create overviews of your calls using segments and perform bulk actions on your calls by selecting a segment and clicking on actions. You now have the option to remove all the calls in this segment or change the person responsible:

3. Via plus sign

A third way to add a call is to click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner and select add call:

Teamleader will automatically complete the call with information depending on where you are when you click the plus sign. For example, if you open a contact in the CRM section and then click this plus sign, this contact person will automatically be added to the call.

4. Via import

In case you have planned some calls in your old system already, Teamleader offers the option to import calls. To work even smarter, you can also use our Twilio integration to receive and make calls directly in Teamleader and log them automatically.

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