Can I plan over multiple days in the project planning?

When you create a task for a project in Teamleader, you have the option to plan this task via drag and drop in the project planning module. But what if a task takes longer than one day to complete? Have a look at this article.

To get started, simply navigate to Project > Project planning, and search for the project you need. Click the lines next to a project name to open a list of all tasks linked to this project at the right-hand side.

If you then click on the task and drag it to the planning overview, you'll see several green frames for each available time slot per person.

Next, drop the task in one of those blocks and you'll see the following screen:

By default, Teamleader will automatically plan the task during that colleague's available office hours for that day. These hours are based on the weekly schedule and meetings, tasks and calls that were already scheduled for this day. Click here to find out more about the weekly schedule.

As you can see on the screenshot, 12h still need to be planned in for this task, but there are only 8 hours available that day. In this case, Teamleader will plan the extra hours in the next available slot of your / your co-worker's schedule.

This way, you can easily plan tasks over multiple days in one go.

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