Which tasks, meetings and calls do I see on my dashboard?

Tasks: on your dashboard you'll find all tasks that are overdue, those that are planned for today and tasks planned for the coming month which are not yet scheduled in your agenda. The tasks you finish today are crossed out and stay like that for the rest of the day. Overdue tasks stay on your dashboard until you finish them.

Meetings: all meetings for three weeks in the past from the past are visible on your dashboard, as well as the today and tomorrow's meetings. The meetings you declare as finished today will get crossed out and remain visible for the rest of the day.

Calls: all overdue calls, calls for today and calls for tomorrow are visible on your dashboard. The overdue calls stay on your dashboard until you finish them. Calls do not get crossed out, they vanish from your dashboard as soon as you finish them.

You can always find the timetracking for tasks, meetings and calls via your Timesheets.

How can you actually create tasks, meetings and calls in Teamleader? Just check out our tutorials:

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