Thanks to a simple link, Teamleader users who also use Jira for project management can now also synchronize timetracking from Jira to Teamleader. In this way, the time you spent in Jira is easily invoiced in Teamleader to the correct customer.

Note: the Jira link works only in combination with the project module of Teamleader and only synchronizes in one direction: from Jira to Teamleader. The Jira link is used to retrieve timetracking (work logs) from issues in Jira and saves it in projects in Teamleader. The following principle holds in Jira: all work logs are part of an issue and all issues are part of a project.

Below we explain how the link works.

Creating the link

To create the link, you naturally need a Jira account. You can activate the link within Teamleader through the "Marketplace" option (at the top on the right in the menu under your name). You will have to enter some information here:

• The Jira server: the name of your Jira account – usually in the form of
• User name & password of your Jira account

Next, you can test the link connection. If you have entered everything correctly, a green check mark will appear to indicate that the link has been successfully established.

You can still set two things: on the one hand, the task type in which the timetracking from Jira is saved and, on the other hand, the way in which projects must be matched. This can be done in two ways:

• On the basis of the project title: if you choose this, then both the title of the project in Jira and the title of the project in Teamleader must be exactly the same.
• On the basis of a custom field: it is better to do the matching on the basis of the "Key" field, which is very prominent in Jira. If you add this field in Teamleader as a custom field, you can match with it.

Next, you can save these settings and the link will be established.

Synchronization of timetracking

From now on timetracking will be synchronized immediately from Jira to Teamleader. If a corresponding project does not exist in Teamleader yet, Teamleader will create one. No customer will be entered since Jira does not have a CRM system that maintains a customer database. One milestone will be created with the name "Jira" in this project. You can find the timetracking under this milestone.

If Jira does find a corresponding project, the timetracking from Jira will by default be set in the first open milestone. If all milestones are closed, the timetracking will be connected to the last milestone. The milestone will not be reopened.

Note that timetracking will only be synchronized if the name of the user in Teamleader and in Jira are completely alike (first and last name). Usernames will be ignored. Only the timetracking of Teamleader users will be synchronized.

Adjusting timetracking

If in Jira an adjustment is made to timetracking, the adjustment will also be made in Teamleader. Only the date, time and description can be adjusted. When 1 log is made for an issue, all logs for that issue will be retrieved and compared with that which is present in Teamleader.

The link does not work retroactively: the timetracking history will not be retrieved in Teamleader. Even if yesterday's timetracking was adjusted, it will no longer be changed in Teamleader. Changes are only synchronized as from midnight to the following midnight.

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