What do the colors under deal activity stand for?

When you have a look at the overview of all your deals, you might see that there are different colors to find under the column activity. Here you can find out what those colours stand for so that you can follow up on your deals more efficiently.

In case you do not see this column in your overview, just click on the screwdriver in the bottom right corner and add for “Activity” to the list of viewable columns.

Green: the deal has been accepted.

Light blue: the deal is in a phase before accepted, no urgent action is required or there is an open call, task or meeting planned for this deal.

Dark blue/Purple: th deal is in a phase before accepted but the the last action concerning this deal is already some time ago. The color gets a darker hue the more time passes. You can set yourself how many days should be between different phases of your deal.

To do this, you go to Settings > Deals > Deal phases and click the pencil next to the deal phase. You'll see 'Deals in this phase require attention after being inactive for xx days'. This is set to7 days by defeault but can be edited to your own liking.

Red: the set days have gone by with no action concerning this deal.

Grey: deal is refused.

Those colors can give you an overview of which deals require attention and where action should be taken.

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