How do I forward emails to the Ticketing module?

When setting up the ticketing module, you need to set a forward of your emails in your email account. Here you will find out how you do that in Gmail and Outlook.

In case you want to read more about the set-up of your ticketing module, click here.


In Gmail you click on the gear sign and go to “Settings”.

Then click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and choose for “Add a forwarding address”.

This brings you to the following screen, where you can add the unique email address of your ticketing module.

In Gmail, you also have the option to create a filter so that you can decide which emails are forwarded to the ticketing module in Teamleader and which not.


In Outlook, you also click on the gear sign and go to “Options”.

You then click on “Email” > “Accounts” and “Forwarding”. This window gives you the option to fill in the unique email address you see when setting up the Ticketing module.

You also have the option to keep a copy of all forwarded messages in Outlook.

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