How can I merge contacts and companies?

In case you accidentaly created a contact or a company twice, you always have the possibility to merge two contacts or companies.

One remark right away: merging a contact or company is an action which cannot be made undone. So you should be very sure that you actually want to merge two contacts or two companies.

Note: This explanation deals with how to merge contacts but merging companies follows the same principle.

Merging contacts

In order to merge two contacts, you go to the detail page of one of them via CRM > Contacts and click on the arrow at the very top next to “Contact information”.

There, you choose for “Merge contact” which brings you to the following screen, where you fill in the second contact, the contact you want to merge the contact with.

In case there is indeed a contact with a very similar name, Teamleader will suggest a contact to merge. Yet, you always have the opportunity to choose for other in order to merge the contact with another one than suggested.

If you then click “Do now”, you will get to see the following screen in case you have different data filled in with the contacts.

Click on the fields you want to maintain after the merge and click on “Merge contact” to finish off.

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