How To: Set a signature for outgoing email

Emails are quite often sent to clients or contacts from within Teamleader and may, for example, comprise an accompanying text for a quotation or invoice, a reminder or just a directly formatted email.

To make it clear who has sent the email, apart from signing your name, you can create a general signature to send with every outgoing email. Please note: this is a general signature for the whole company. So do not include any personal information such as your name and personal telephone number because all e-mails will include this signature, those of your employees too. Keep it basic: for example, use the company logo and your office number. Here is an example of the signature we use:

To set this general signature, navigate to the ‘Extra’ tab via Settings. Here you will find a section ‘signature for outgoing email’.

In the pop-up which appears there are a number of layout options such as, for example, you would find with a word processor. Format the signature until it looks the way you want it to and then simply click ‘Save’. Now all your outgoing emails will include this signature. You can easily test this by sending yourself an email from within Teamleader.

N.B.: before you click ‘Save’, you must still specify where the original text of your email will go to enable Teamleader to know where to put the signature. Use #TEAMLEADER_CONTENT at the point where your original email is to go. Usually this will be immediately above the signature, as is also the case in the image above. Do not forget to do this because without this flag your emails will not have a signature.

Tip: you can set up the signature entirely in HTML, thus enabling you to add more extensive layout options to your signature.

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