How To: Exporting invoices to the Wings accounting application

Teamleader provides a connection with around thirty accounting packages including Wings. Therefore, you can export your invoices to your package whenever you want without having to print everything first. Note: per exported invoice there is a charge of 0.10 euros – a mere pittance for all the work that you are saved!

First consult this general article in relation to exporting invoices from Teamleader.

This export works for both the standard Wings version and Wings Online. If you use Wings Online, you must contact them to activate the necessary icons on +32 (0)15 245 700 or You will need to import entries using ASCII files.


In addition to the usual parameters, there are a number of parameters that are specific to Wings:

Location of the file "Wings.ini":

  • Wings: enter here the location of the folder in which Wings is installed (usually this is "c:/wings/")
  • Wings Online: enter here the "home directory" that you get if you have the Wings Web Service installed. For example: For example: "\\wings-db-01\wingsdata\My Wings"

Wings Dossier ID: enter here the ID of your file. This is the "Internal number" under Management -> Settings (see the screenshot).

The country codes in Teamleader and Wings are often different. For example, Belgium (BE) is B and France (FR) is F. You can find all values for the countries under Basic -> Help files -> Countries and, next, clicking the magnifying glass. You should enter the "Old code" (see the screenshot).

Payment Conditions: you can find these in Wings under Basic -> Help files -> Payment conditions and, next, clicking the magnifying glass (see the screenshot). The payment terms used most often are F0XX, where XX is the number of days. For example: F000 for cash, F014 for 14 days, …

You can find the codes for the journals in Wings by selecting Consult -> Journals and, next, clicking the field next to "Post" (see the screenshot).

Customer group code: You can find the code in Wings under Basic -> Groups -> Customer groups. Usually this is "0000.

The default values can be used for the other parameters.


Keep in mind that entries cannot be removed in Wings so we recommend making a backup first for each import. You can do this by selecting Management -> Backup.

For the actual import, use the "WAIimp.exe" application, which is in the Wings' installation folder. This application allows you to select a file (select the Output.txt file that you obtained with the export). Next, the import is performed.

If the import fails, you will get an Output.ERR file in which you will find (technical) information about the error. If you cannot find a solution to the problem immediately, you can forward this file together with your import file to our Support department.

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