How To: Translate item descriptions for offers and invoices

Anyone who sends invoices or offers to other countries (or just to a different language region, for that matter) would prefer the item descriptions to appear in a comprehensible form. Then at least the customer knows what they refer to.

What you do not want to do is to create all your item descriptions two, three or more times with different names. That causes confusion and is unnecessary work. Fortunately Teamleader offers a simple way to add a translation to items.

This is how you do it:

1. Create a new custom field

In Settings > file tab General you can create a new custom field. Fill in the fields as follows:

: be sure to fill in the two letter language code correctly and insert it after ‘Products’. Otherwise Teamleader will not recognize the field as translation. Choose ‘Single line text’ for the type and select ‘Item’ as the target. Repeat this action for the various languages that you wish to add. Under ‘Advanced options’ you could choose a group name for all these fields.

2. Fill in your fields

Now, if you go to ‘Products’, you will be able to complete the custom fields. Write the desired translation per item in the corresponding field you have just created. Save the item.

2.1. What with long product descriptions?

The same principle applies for long descriptions added to a product. To place these on a quotation or invoice in another language, create a custom field of the type 'Multiline text'. Important to remember here is to always use the name 'description country code'. Whichever language you want to translate to, always use 'description'.

An example: if you want to add the long description to a quotation in French, name the custom field with multiline text 'description FR'. Fill in the long description in the custom field. Now, if you're adding this product to an invoice or quotation, the right translation of the long description will also be used.

3. Make an offer/invoice in another language

Now, when you make up an offer or an invoice for a customer that speaks another language, Teamleader will translate the name of the item based on the language of the contact or the company. What is important is to make sure that you save the language of the contact and the company correctly in the contact or company details. If you don’t, Teamleader will use the original name of the item.

When you want to make an offer or an invoice, Teamleader will automatically choose the correct translation for the item. You need only search for the item in the original language!

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