How To: Upload the general terms and conditions

Many companies like to add their general terms and conditions to their invoices and offers. In Teamleader you can do this automatically, so that you don’t have to keep adding them manually. This can be done in two ways:

1. Add standard general terms and conditions
2. Add various terms and conditions

1. Add standard general terms and conditions

Do you always apply the same general terms and conditions to all of your invoices and offers? Then it’s simple. Teamleader can automatically add your terms and conditions to your invoice without you having to do anything extra. All you need to do is to upload your terms and conditions. This is how you do it:

Navigate to ‘Settings’ and select the file tab ‘General’ at the top. You will see a box headed ‘Company info’, where you can add or edit a department. If you are editing a department you will get a little ‘wizard’ to help you complete the information. You will also have the option to upload your general terms and conditions here.

If this has not happened yet, you will see that there is a warning triangle beside the option, as shown above. Then you know how far you are in processing your company details.

Click ‘Edit’ and a new screen will appear where you can upload a file. Click ‘Upload’ and some more options will appear. Then you can choose which type of condition you add. You might want to add your standard general terms and conditions, for example, or a 6% VAT certificate (see further).

Be sure to select the right language for your terms and conditions. If you make out an invoice for a non-English- speaking customer, the terms and conditions will immediately be sent in his language (if available).

Click ‘Choose File’ to select the file on your computer and then click ‘Save’. And there you are: your terms and conditions are in Teamleader! From now on they will be added to every invoice you send.

NB: Do you want to add them to your offers too? Then click ‘Deals’, at the top in ‘Settings’, and select the option ‘Show defaults terms and conditions on quotations’.

2. Add different terms and conditions

If, however, you have different terms and conditions for different services in your company, it is better to use a different method for adding these than for the general terms and conditions. The best way is to create several versions of your layout in your house style in Word. Add each set of terms and conditions to a different version of the layout and upload the various versions again to Teamleader. Then, when you make out your invoice, you can choose which layout and consequently which terms and conditions you want to use.

You can also create your house style, as you have probably already guessed, via ‘Settings’, using the file tab ‘General’. In the box headed ‘Company info’ click ‘Customize document layout’. Then, under ‘Actions’, above right, you can create one or more layout versions, depending on the number of different sets of terms and conditions you have.

6% VAT certificate

Many companies, mainly in the construction sector, make use of the 6% VAT rate, for example for the renovation or conversion of houses that are more than 10 years old. In such cases you can send a specific 6% VAT certificate with your invoice.

You can also upload this with your general terms and conditions. You just indicate that this certificate is involved. Then, when you make out an invoice on which you charge VAT at 6% on one or more articles, the certificate will be added automatically.

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