How To: Reseller module

The Teamleader Reseller module is an exclusive module designed for all certified Teamleader partners. It allows you to create Teamleader accounts for customers yourself. This How To will explain how this works in further detail.

Creating a Teamleader account

You can find the module on the bottom of the navigation menu, slightly above tutorials and feedback. Clicking on this module will open a new pop-up displaying all your previously created trial accounts - if you're new, the list will of course be empty.

The green plus button allows you to create new trial accounts. The following screen will be displayed :

On this screen, enter all details of the customer you would like to add. Some of these fields are mandatory, such as company name, user, e-mail address and phone number. If the VAT number can be found in the European VIES database, this data will be completed automatically.

Some fields have specific functions:

Lead passing

The lead passing option should be enabled if you do not follow up on a lead yourself. Whenever you activate this option, One of Teamleader’s sales reps will receive the account information. He or she will then take care of the process. If this leads to an effective sale, the reseller will receive a 10% commission.


If a lead decides to buy, this field will allow you to enter the duration of the contract. Choices here have been limited to yearly or quarterly. In other words, make sure you know which type of renewal period your customer would prefer.

Maximum numbers of employees

This is the maximum number of employees a customer can add to Teamleader. A standard license always contains 2 co-workers. For each extra colleague, € 10 will be added to the price.

Days remaining in trial period

This is one of the most important options within the reseller module. It allows you to see how many days a lead has left on his free trial of Teamleader. You can always opt to increase or reduce this number.

Desired modules

You will also get a list of the modules you can activate for potential customers. Simply check the modules you think the customer will need. The trial account will be created as soon as you click ‘Save’. The login details will then automatically be sent to the customer, or to you, depending on your preferences.

When you've repeated this action a couple times, the list of trial accounts will look like this:

A lead wants to become a customer, what now?

Whenever someone decides to become a paying customer during or after the trial period, you need to convert the trial account into a full account. This can easily be achieved by clicking on the pencil next to the desired account.

The pop-up will then show you the account details. To convert the trial account, you should simply change the number of days remaining in the trail period to 0 and uncheck the trial account box. Make sure all details are correctly filled in, e.g. the modules, number of users and license period. Then, simply click 'Save' to confirm.

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