Do I need to repeat the address of the company with the related contact?

In general, you do not need to repeat the address of the company with the related contact.

You only need to add an address linked to a related contact in case you'd like to add a correspondence address for this contact, which differs from the address linked to the company.

The reason behind this? By default, Teamleader will use the corresponding company address if no other address is filled in on contact level.


If you need to export your CRM, and you'd like to export the according addresses as well, simply navigate to CRM > Contacts > Export.

On this screen, select "Create new template" instead of "All Columns". You'll then have the option to choose all values you'd like to export. An important one is "correspondence address".

This value will be filled in according to the rules below:

If an address (street) is filled in, that address will be displayed, if not, Teamleader will check the next level.

  1. Regular contact address
  2. Contact delivery address
  3. Contact visiting address
  4. Regular company address
  5. Company delivery address
  6. Company visiting address

Note: If a contact is related to multiple companies, stage 4 will pick the regular company address of the company that was linked first.


Concerning quotations and invoices, there are two different scenarios:

  • Contact is client: Address is taken from contact level.
  • Company is client and contact is contact person: Address is taken from company level.

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