How can I set closing dates in Teamleader?

Is your company closed on specific days of the week? Or will your company be closed during the holidays, and would you like to add these days to your colleagues' agendas? Simply navigate to Settings > HR and scroll down to "Closing days"!

By default, all weekends and the official banking holidays of your country are set as closing days. These are displayed in grey.

If you'd like to set the first week of August as closing days, you can simply click on these days to turn them grey.

If you try to plan tasks or meetings with colleagues on those days, a message will appear stating that the entire company will be on leave this day.

If you'd like to indicate that a closing date set by default does not apply to your company, simply click on this day and the grey block will disappear.

When you click on the arrow next to "Closing days", you have the option to download an Excel export. This provides you with an overview of when different Teamleader users will be out of office.

On the following screen, you can determine the year and months that you'd like to add to your Excel sheet:

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