What are the rights of the different participants of a project?

In each project, there are different kinds of participants and different access rights.

You can assign new projects to yourself or to a colleague. By default, this Teamleader user will automatically become a decision maker within this project.

The colleague assigned to a milestone will only be a participant within the project. However, he/she will still be responsible for the assigned milestone.

In order to add more colleagues to a project, simply navigate to "co-workers" within a project and click on the pencil icon. On the following screen, you can specify which colleague you'd like to add and which role he or she should have.

Decision maker: The decision maker has access to all details of the project, he/she can edit the budget, the invoices and the timetracking.

Participant: He/she cannot see the invoices attached to a project. He/she can see the budget, the milestones and the attached timetracking but cannot edit them.


  • Both decision makers and participants can track time for a project.
  • You can decide who should be able to manage the costs of a project by navigating to Settings > Projects > Preferences > Only project decision makers can manage costs.
  • You can even define who should be able to see which project by going to Settings > HR and clicking on the pencil icon next to a co-worker's name. There, you'll find a dropdown menu under the slider next to "Projects":

    • Access to all project: This colleague can see all projects.
    • According to participation: This colleague can only see the projects of which he/she is participant or decision maker.
    • Admin access to all projects: This colleague has access to all projects with the rights of a decision maker.
  • Projects can only be deleted by an admin user.

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