How can I add a long description to a product?

In the Product module, you can add a product by clicking on the plus sign. You'll get to see the following screen:

Here, you can add all the details of your product, but not a long description. Simply save it and click on it again. At the top right hand side, you'll see the field “Long description” where you can click on the pencil to add more info.

You'll also see a slider allowing you to add a long description to quotations. If you choose "Yes", the long description will be used whenever you create a new quotation. To open it, simply click the symbol with four horizontal lines next to the product line when adding items to your quotation.

If you also want to add a long description automatically to your invoice or order, simply send an email to Our suppor team will happily activate this feature for you!

To add the long description to the invoice or quotation, you need to use the shortcode $LONG_DESCRIPTION$ in your Word template. Download your active template via Settings > Document layout > Quotation/Invoices. Add the shortcode and upload your document again.

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