How do I grant external access to a project to someone?

Within a project you can add someone as external party by clicking on the plus sign next to “Client”. Choose “Others” in the dropdown menu. You can then name this party, e.g. “External Co-worker” and add it by clicking “save”.

There will then be a separate overview where you can see the “External Co-workers” with a light-green button saying “External access” next to it.

By clicking on it, you can grant external access to this person and the button turns dark-green.

The external co-worker will now receive an email with a link to our external platform Projectcloud. There they can see the roadmap of the project, linked meetings, tickets, documents, invoices (if available) and the employees working on the project.

Via Settings > Cloudplatforms you can decide what your external party should be able to see and what not.

Under “Files” within the project, you can also decide for each document whether it should be available for external parties or not.

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