How do I deactivate a co-worker?

If a co-worker leaves the company, you can deactivate his account yourself in case you are an ADMIN user. Go to Settings > HR to get an overview of all users. On the right-hand side, under actions,you'll see a couple of bins that you'll need to click to deactivate a user.

In case there are still tasks, meetings or companies linked to this user, Teamleader will ask whether they should be transferred to another colleague or whether they should stay on the name of the deactivated co-worker.

Note: Timetracking of the de-activated co-worker will not be deleted but will remain on the name of the former user and can still be invoiced to your client.

Important note: If you do not need this user license anymore, please send an email to to lower the amount of licenses in your account. This does not happen automatically.

Will a new colleague be starting soon? You can create a new user by clicking the “+” sign.

Hint: Is one colleague replaced by another? Your best option is always to deactivate one user and create a new one instead of just changing the name.

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