Can I use my own font in the layout of my documents?

When customizing your layout for invoices or quotations, there is a button for “Advanced options”. Clicking it gives you the option to choose your font. Select “Copy from word document”. This way, Teamleader will recognize and adapt the font on your invoices and quotations. Yet, you still need to adjust some settings in your Word document before the font can beimplemented. This is what you need to do:

1. In Word, go to “File”.

2. Search in the column for “Options”.

3. In the following pop-up, you choose “Save”.

4. At the very bottom go to “Embed fonts in the file” and save it in the following manner:

This option ensures that the font is available for others who don’t have this font installed by default. This way, Teamleader recognizes which font needs to be used on your quotations and invoices.

Three remarks:

  • This import only works for documents with the extension .docx. This means that you need to use at least Word 2013 in order to be able to import a font.
  • In case you use a special font that is not installed by default in Word, this font needs to be installed in a TTF-format and not in an OTF-format. If this is the case, the OTF-format needs to be converted to TTF and re-installed in order to embed the font into the document.
  • A possible result of this option can be that your file size gets bigger. Teamleader only supports 1 MB per upload. If your file is bigger, please contact to see what we can do for you!

Note: It only works for Windows and not Mac. 

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