How To: How do I link Dropbox to Teamleader

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The Dropbox integration allows you to synchronize files between Teamleader and Dropbox in two directions. The integration is available with the modules Contacts, Companies, Projects, Meetings and Products.

In this post, we will only discuss the link using the companies module, but the same procedure goes for all of the other ones as well. Let’s start!

Linking Dropbox

Just like our other integrations with different services, the Dropbox integration can be found under our Integrations/Marketplace menu in the top right hand corner below your name. When you click on the Dropbox logo, Teamleader will ask you to login using your own account. Not a Dropbox user yet? You can create an account for free at!

The integration works on a user level. This means that every Teamleader user has to link his own Dropbox account. If you get an error while trying to connect your Dropbox account, try logging out of Dropbox first before trying again.

Once you have logged in, Dropbox will ask permission to create a Teamleader folder. This folder does not influence any other folders or files that are already located in your Dropbox. After granting Teamleader access to your Dropbox, you will notice that a new folder named ‘Apps’ has been created. In this folder you will also find the subfolder ‘Teamleader CRM’. You have now successfully linked Teamleader to your Dropbox account!

Teamleader to Dropbox

In Teamleader, you will see the widget ‘Files’ in the bottom right hand corner of every company detail page. There you can find all files regarding that company. It is also possible to divide more files into different subfolders.

When you choose to synchronise with Dropbox (by clicking the button below the widget), all of these files and folders will be synchronised to the Dropbox folder ‘Apps’ > ‘Teamleader CRM’ > ‘Companies’ > ‘Company name’. If you add more files to Teamleader later on, these will automatically appear in the corresponding Dropbox folder.

If you do not have any files connected to a company and you choose to sync with Dropbox either way, an empty folder will be created using the company name. Next to every company name there will always be a number. This is the unique company ID.

Dropbox to Teamleader

The integration also works the other way around. After synchronising a company with Dropbox, you can now upload files to Teamleader by adding them to the correct Dropbox company folder. These files will then be synced automatically (about every hour) to Teamleader and to other linked Dropbox accounts. By adding a new subfolder to an existing company folder, you can create new folders in Teamleader as well.

File behaviour and size limitations

Synchronized files will behave the same way in both Dropbox as Teamleader, meaning that a file updated in Dropbox will also be updated in Teamleader and vice versa. File deletion is an exception: if you delete a file in Teamleader, it will disappear in Dropbox, but not the other way around. If you delete a file in your Dropbox, it will remain available in Teamleader.

If you were to deconnect the integration, the files will remain available both in Dropbox as well as in Teamleader.

The integration supports any kind of file extension, allowing you to upload files up to a limit of 50 Mb.

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