How can I create a backup of my data?

Generally you can always create a backup of your data within Teamleader by exporting your data to excel lists.

Yet, you also have the opportunity to backup to a zip.file. Therefore you need to go to Settings > Overview and search for “Backup” in the search field.

Then click on “My backups” and on the plus sign to start generating a backup. When finished, you'll get a file to download.


  • Teamleader keeps a maximum of 3 files for 24 hours. So if you created four backups at 8am, 11am, 1pm and 5pm, then you would only see the last three ones. Each of them will be shown for 24h, so the one from 11am today will be visible until 11am tomorrow.
  • This option is not available in a trial account.

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