How To: how do I set my own domain name when sending email?

Sending an email from within Teamleader is quick and easy, even if it’s only an invoice or a meeting confirmation. All of these emails will be sent from Teamleaders email server, resulting in the sender being

Don’t worry, Teamleader is smart enough to recognise the real sender. Whenever your clients reply to an email that was sent from within Teamleader, the answer will arrive in the correct mailbox.

Nevertheless, it is possible to use your own domain name to send emails from Teamleader. To do this, on the one hand you need to activate this option in your Teamleader account, and on the other hand you need to set a validated CNAME record for your domain name. A CNAME record (Canonical Name) is a kind of DNS-record that indicates which email servers can send mail on behalf of your domain. This avoids email from being marked as spam.

In Teamleader

To use your own domain name for sending email from within Teamleader, you need to go to your email log in your Teamleader account. This log contains all of the emails that were sent from within Teamleader. Here you can check if there are emails that never arrived and why they didn’t. You’ll find this log in your personal menu in the top right hand corner, below your name, at ‘email log’. Direct link:

On the right you’ll find ‘Advanced email’ below the ‘Extra’ button. On this screen you’ll see a slider to add your own whitelabelled email domain.

Whitelabelling email

Whitelabelling email means you’re using your own domain name when sending email from another provider (Teamleader in this case). To do this you’ll have to set a CNAME record (Canonical Name). this is a DNS record that allows Teamleader to send email from your own domain name. You can set up this record via the control panel of your website, where you can manage your email settings.

Is your website not being managed internally? Ask the help of the party that’s maintaining your website. They’ll know what to do. Just hand them the instructions you’ll find below ‘How do I whitelabel my email’?

How do I whitelabel my email?

To whitelabel your email you will have to allow Teamleader to send email from your own domain name. To do this, you set a CNAME record which allows you to send from your own subdomain. Set this via ‘Email log’ below ‘Extra’. Switch on the slider asking you to use your own domain name when sending email. Now you can create your own domain from which email will be sent.

Fill in a domain and a subdomain. Suppose your domain equals and your subdomain is mail. In that case, your email will be sent from

Validating your domain

There is a chance that you will first have to validate this domain before it can be used to send email. Click ‘Revalidate’ to do this. If your domain can’t be validated, you’ll see three DNS records that you have to add to the settings of your domain provider. Once this is done, click ‘Revalidate’ again. Everything should be verified now. If this is the case, email sent from Teamleader will always be sent from your own domain name.

How do I add a CNAME record?

If you don’t precisely know how to add a CNAME record to your email settings, you can use Googles useful guide.

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