How To: import products

Adding products via import

Just like companies and contacts, you can easily import an existing list with products in Teamleader. This means you don't need to enter each product manually.

When you navigate to the Products module, you will see the "Import" button. When you click on it, a pop-up appears giving you several options for importing products in Teamleader.

Importing data

You will see a grey field with a button that allows you to add a new import file. You have two options: either you copy an existing list from Excel or another spreadsheet program and paste it into this grey field, or you directly upload an Excel file. This can be done with the extensions XLS, XLSX and CSV.

If you prefer to simply copy/paste data, then you need to ensure each record (each entry) is on a different line. If you copy from an Excel file, then normally this will cause no problems.


When importing you need to take account of the following limits. When copy/pasting your text directly into the grey field, you are limited to a maximum of 5 million characters. If you choose to upload a file, the file must be no larger than 5 MB. In any case, your file must not contain more than 35,000 rows and 200 columns.

When importing products, there are a number of conditions that your file must comply with for the import to be successful. If these are not met, the system will give an error message and you will have to modify your file.

• If you use the field "ID", Teamleader assumes that each ID only occurs once in the file. If this is not the case, you get an error message telling you which IDs appear more than once.
• If you use no ID, the name of a product must be unique, otherwise it will be impossible to distinguish the various products from one another. Here too, the system shows which names appear more than once and how many times.
• Non-empty rows must contain at least the field "name" or the field "ID".
• Prices, purchase price and stock will generate an error message when the file contains non-numeric or negative values.

When importing suppliers by using their name, Teamleader will look at both contacts and companies for links to existing contacts/companies that are already in Teamleader. To link a supplier to a company, you simply add the company name. To link a supplier to contacts, you enter "First name Family name". If nothing is found, a company will be created with the name that you added.

For the next 2 fields you can indicate the standard value when importing your file. These fields can be omitted from your file if they are always the same (for example, all your products have the same VAT rate of 21%).

Departments: you can link your product to a particular department by adding the name of that department as a value.

VAT rates: the following values are accepted: "0", "6", "12", "21", for the respective normal VAT rates. In addition there are the following special codes:

• CM: Intra-Community
• MC: Co-contractor
• EX: Outside Europe
• VCMD: Intra-Community services

Custom fields

At present, custom fields can be created immediately when importing. We do not recommend doing this because you cannot choose which type of custom field it will be: a custom field added via import will always be regarded as a text field.

Frequently this is not intentional, because there are, for example, only a limited number of options. You can first create the necessary custom fields under "Settings", and then select them when importing.

Has something gone wrong?

Has something gone wrong with the import? After an import, an extra widget appears on the overview page of the products, where you can approve or undo the import. This widget will only disappear when you have approved the import. Please note: undoing an import will only remove products that have been added. Modifications to existing products cannot be undone!


Here you can download an example of what an Excel file should look like:


You can also add a product manually in Teamleader. Interested how to do so? Then check out our tutorial:

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