How To: integrate agendas in Teamleader

“Organization is key” could also have been the title of this blog, if we wanted to use a cliché. Fortunately, we are relatively no-nonsense because agenda planning is a serious business.

All joking aside: Teamleader has four links to connect your existing agenda to Teamleader Project planning. So you always keep on top of your appointments and don’t leave anyone out in the cold because you have forgotten a meeting. These links are:

1. Google Calendar
2. Microsoft Exchange
3. iCloud
4. Kerio Connect

Firstly, some general information which applies to each of these connections. These four services ensure that your agenda always synchronizes in two directions. By this we mean that both appointments from your personal agenda and those from Teamleader Project planning are exchanged. Naturally we respect your privacy and therefore personal appointments are shown as a gray block in your Teamleader Project planning. Only you can see the contents. If you do want to make these visible to employees, then you can click on them and select whether to convert the appointment into a visible task or appointment.

We advise using Teamleader as your central agenda: all your work appointments will therefore also be pushed to your personal diary and you will be kept completely up-to-date with your day-to-day planning.

You activate each of these four links via your personal menu in the top right hand corner (under your name) under ‘Integrations/Marketplace’.

1. Google Calendar

Under Google Apps we find the agenda link for your Google Agenda. Click on ‘Google Apps’, then you will immediately be asked to log in with your Google account. Next grant access to the services which are required, such as your agenda, e-mail address and contacts. You don’t have to do anything else to establish the link with Google.

We immediately return you to Teamleader where you will see that you can activate the agenda link. If you select this option, you can select the agendas from which you want to fetch the items, and to which agenda you want to synchronize the appointments from Teamleader. The items which are fetched from your Google Agenda appear as gray blocks in your agenda so that employees cannot see your personal appointments. You can convert these to visible appointments within Teamleader.

Because the link works in both directions, adjustments in Teamleader or Google Agenda will always be synchronized. This synchronization runs in the background every half an hour. But for good measure, we recommend you start the sync manually via the synchronization symbol in Planning when it's the first time you make the connection. You'll see the results immediately.

2. Microsoft Exchange

The second agenda link we offer is to Microsoft Exchange/Office 365. If you work with an Exchange server of the year 2010 or higher, then you can link this to Teamleader via Integrations. You will have to enter your user name and password from your Exchange account. If you do not know this by heart, you can always ask your IT manager.

The Exchange server can be detected automatically via your user name, but if you like, you can also enter the server name manually. Click on ‘Test’, and then Teamleader will check the data and make the connection to the server.

If your connection is successful, you will also be able to select which agendas you want to synchronize with Teamleader. Because the link works in both directions, both appointments from Teamleader to Exchange and vice versa are exchanged. Tasks and calls from your Teamleader Project planning can also be pushed to your personal agenda.

Chrome 356 also works on your iPad, provided you use the browser version and log in to your Outlook via the cloud.

3. Apple iCloud

We don’t leave Apple users out in the cold either. The third agenda link is to iCloud, Apple’s agenda service. For this, all you need is your e-mail address and your password from iCloud. Test the connection and if everything is properly completed, your iCloud is linked directly.

Here you can also choose to which of your iCloud agendas you want to push the appointments from Teamleader. You can also set the reverse direction: from which agenda do you want appointments fetched and placed in Teamleader? As with the other links, in addition to meetings, you can also choose to export calls and tasks to your iCloud.

4. Kerio Connect

The Kerio agenda link is an alternative often used for Microsoft Exchange. Kerio therefore also supports task management and webmail to agenda. Via you can activate an account yourself.

To activate the link with Teamleader, you need your Kerio e-mail address and password, plus your Kerio server name. This can also be found in your address bar if you are logged into Kerio yourself, as shown below.

If the connection is successful, as with the other links, you can also synchronize appointments in both directions and push tasks and calls from Teamleader to your Kerio agenda.


However, if you no longer wish to use an established link because, for example, you have switched from iCloud to Google Apps, then you can always deactivate this. To do so, go back to the Integrations/Marketplace and click on the active link. Beneath the pop-up you can see the ‘Deactivation’ button. Confirm to inactivate your agenda link. No more appointments will be synchronized from now on.

Now that you have successfully integrated your agenda into Teamleader you would like to find out more about how to manage your planning? Then check out our tutorial:

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