How To: installing the Chrome plugin for email tracking

Saving your emails can be useful, even if it is only to avoid arguments later on. But with the abundance of emails it is sometimes difficult to keep your head above water. That’s why it is advisable to save your electronic post per contact in your own CRM system. Thanks to our special Google Chrome plugin you can do that in Teamleader.

The name gives it away: this plugin is only compatible with the Google Chrome browser. But it does enable you to save your incoming and outgoing emails directly into the right contact. And that’s not only for Gmail, but also for the Outlook Web App (only Office 365). We’re delighted to be able to tell you all about it.

Installing the plugin

You can install the Chrome plugin via your Integrations/Marketplace in Teamleader. That will take you to the Chrome Web Store, where you can download the extension free of charge. Install the plugin and it will be added to your Chrome browser.

In Gmail

Incoming email

After installation Gmail users will see a bar below every email with some options concerning the email sender. If his or her details are not already recognized by Teamleader you can add the person to the CRM. If, however, the person is recognized you can save the email directly to his contact file. Then the email will appear below in the tracking bar.

You can also create a task for yourself or for one of your colleagues straight from the email. Users of the ticketing module even have the option to turn the email into a support ticket.

Outgoing email

You have a similar option for outgoing emails. Beneath the window in which you compose the email you have an option to save your message in the receiver’s contact file. Teamleader doesn’t recognize the receiver? No problem. As soon as you send it you get the option to create a contact for the person and to track the email.

Would you prefer not to register the outgoing email? Then you can just uncheck that option for a particular email. Would you prefer to decide for yourself when you want tracking to be activated for outgoing mail? Then you can deactivate the plugin as a standard for this operation. You can do that under the cog above right in the window where you compose your mail.

In Outlook

Just to be clear: this plugin is specifically intended for the web version of Outlook. Find the desktop version here.

Incoming email

As in Gmail you will see a box beneath every incoming email in your Outlook webmail box with the same options as described above. You can simply add an unknown contact and track the email to the corresponding contact file. At the same time you can create a task and/or a ticket.

Outgoing email

You can also track your outgoing mail in the web version of Outlook. The only difference with the Gmail version is that the option to turn tracking on and off can be found in the bar above the window.


Both in Gmail and in Outlook you can use pre-filled templates from Teamleader. You can create these templates in Teamleader under the file tab Extra in Settings. You’ll find the option ‘Templates for regular emails’ there.

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