We all sometimes allocate a discount with regard to a quotation or an invoice. It might be an early booking discount for quick deciders, or a reluctant customer who needs a little push to get him to cross the line.

This is why different discounts can be allocated without too much difficulty in Teamleader. Better yet, it can be done in three ways:

  • General Discount
  • Percentage line
  • Negative line

General discount

General discounts are percentage calculations of the total amount excluding VAT. So first you enter all your items and afterwards you deduct the discount. Therefore, the final total amount is the total amount minus the discount plus the VAT.

Create a general discount:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and click “Deals
  2. Go to the “Commercial discounts” box and click on the “+” symbol.
  3. Name your discount
  4. Click “Save

Using a general discount, e.g. on an invoice (the same method applies for quotations):

  1. Navigate back to the Teamleader homepage and choose “Invoices” 
  2. Click on “Add invoice” to add a new invoice or edit an existing one.
  3. Now you will find your newly created discount on the popup screen.
  4. Enter your discount rate. This must be a number between 0 and 100. You no longer need to define with a “%” symbol. 
  5. Click “Save as draft” or “Save and book”.
  6. Teamleader will automatically calculate the discount of the total amount and will add it to the quotation or invoice

Note: you can create two different discounts per department. These will be sorted alphabetically.

Percentage line

If a discount occurs more often, Teamleader has the option to specify a discount for a quotation or invoice for each item line.

  1. Click on the item line in question.
  2. A calculator will appear under the line
  3. If you click the calculator, a new window will open in which you can define the discount (percentage), as can be seen below. It's also possible to fill out the discounted price immediately and then the discount (percentage) will be calculated automatically. 


        4. Click “Save" and you will notice that your discount has been added under the item line. This discount is added as an extra line under the relevant item on the final invoice.

Negative line

In addition to the general discount and the percentage line, it might also happen that you do not want to give a percentage discount but a fixed amount of money. You can do this by adding a negative line to the invoice and specifying the discount in the description. The negative line isn’t a percentage, but equals the amount of the discount.