There’s money to be found in ecologics. And everybody knows: paperless is the future. Teamleader is aware of this and accommodates this in some easy-to-use platforms. Thanks to these platforms, your stack of papers will decrease significantly.

One of those platforms is Cloudsign - the perfect way to send online quotations and get your customer to accept them on the spot!

You will get to know everything about:

  • Setup
  • Sending the quotation
  • View of the client
  • Accepted quotation in Teamleader


Instead of sending the quotation to your lead via post, you can include a link in the accompanying email that leads to the Cloudsign platform. This is how:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and click “Deals
  2. Click on the “+” symbol next to “Email templates for quotation layout” to create a new one or click on a template from the list to edit
  3. Add the parameter #LINK somewhere in your email body. The parameter will change automatically to the sentence “view and accept quotation online” once you send the email to your client
  1. Click “Save

Sending the quotation

  1. Navigate to the deal in question.
  2. Make sure that you created a quotation.
  3. Click on “Actions” > “Send quotation”.
  4. The email address is filled in automatically but can be edited as you see fit.
  5. Next to “Template”, you choose the template including the link you created earlier.
  6. Click on “Send”.

View of the client

When your client clicks the link, he will be redirected to Cloudsign. This is what he’ll see:

Once there, your client is able to:

  • Download the quotation as a pdf
  • Accept the quotation by signing it
  • Ask questions about the quotation

Accepted quotation in Teamleader

If your customer chooses to sign the quotation:

  • You’ll be notified immediately by email and in Teamleader.
  • You’ll also see that the status of the deal is changed automatically to “Accepted”.