When a project is over and done with, you want to classify it as such. Not sure how to close a project? You’ve come to the right page. The two ways to close a project in Teamleader will be described here. 

Via your project

The first way to close a project is closing it directly from the project page:

  • Regardless of any open task that is linked to the project, it’s the phases that need to be closed before a project will be marked as ‘done’. 
  • Navigate to the work breakdown page of your project, hover over a phase and choose Close phase: 

  • When every phase in a project is set to ‘Closed’, the project will be considered completed.

Via the project planning

(This feature is available in our Boost package)

The second way to close a project is closing it via the project planning. Note that you can only do this when you have admin access to all projects. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Projects > Planning
  • Look for your project in the list
  • Click on the grey line next to the corresponding project:

  • Next, click on Mark project as completed:
  • This will close all phases and related tasks. 

Check out this article to find out how to get an overview of all your finished projects.