Important to know before reading this article is that there are two versions of our mobile app at the moment. We have the original ‘Teamleader Classic’ app and our newer 'Teamleader' app.

The essentials of Teamleader’s award-winning tool inside an app for Android or iOs? It exists! Just fill in the same login details as for your webversion and off you go!

Our app offers you a wide range of features:

  • Easily manage your contacts on the road
  • Add contacts to a company and define their function immediately

  • Plan meetings and tasks via the app

  • Easily track time on tasks and projects
  • See linked deals of your contact/company in the blink of an eye

  • Follow up on deals from anywhere

  • Follow up on invoices from anywhere

  • Change the status (paid/unpaid) of your invoices in a few clicks

  • A mobile business card scanner which allows you to upload the details from any business card straight to your Teamleader CRM

In case you would still like to be able to make use of the following features that are not yet available in our ‘Teamleader’ app, then you can still use our older ‘Teamleader Classic’ app.

  • Provide effective support wherever you go (ticketing module)
  • Make calls
  • Have customers sign mobile work orders on the spot and convert them to invoices in a few clicks

If you're an Iphone user, you can simply download Teamleader Classic via the App Store. However, since the Classic app is no longer available on Google Play, downloading it using Android can only be done via an APK file (Android Package). APK files allow you to access apps outside of Google Play, which is Android's standard platform. We assure you the file is entirely safe, but do note APK files from other sources might not be.

Follow these steps to access Teamleader Classic on Android:

1. Contact our support team, they'll send you a link via mail containing the install file which you will need to open on your smartphone. Note that this will not work if you open it on your computer.

2. Download the attachment.

3. Your phone will ask you to enable downloads from 'unknown sources', which is necessary to install the application. If you have Android 8, this is done automatically.

4. The app will now be installed.

The Teamleader app can be used on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Try it out for yourself and discover the benefits of having your customer data with you at any given time!