Do you have several contacts in your CRM with functions that don’t exist in your Teamleader account yet? In this article you can read how you can add even the most exotic or bizarre job positions to Teamleader.

To easily add one function to a contact linked to a company, go to ‘related contacts’ on company level and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the pencil next to the contact name
  2. Add a new contact function by clicking on ‘Other’ in the drop-down menu

To add several contact functions at once, you need to have access to the settings. In the Settings menu, click on:

  1. CRM 
  2. Preferences 
  3. Number of contact functions 
  4. Click on the pencil on the right.

Here, you can manage your contact functions by adding, editing or deleting them. You can also choose the order in which they appear.