Here is an overview of what is possible regarding linking departments from your Teamleader account with your bookkeeping tool:

Full freedom

  • OctopusMultiple departments can be linked to different journals within one Octopus account, or to different accounts/administrations.
  • YukiMultiple departments can be linked to different Yuki accounts. They can also be linked to one Yuki account, but in this case the numbering of both invoices and credit notes in Teamleader needs to be different for the different departments (e.g. Invoice / Credit note 1 vs. Invoice / Credit note 100001).


  • Exact Online: Multiple departments (with the same VAT number) can be linked to different journals within only one Exact Online account/administration.
  • Twinfield: Only one department can be linked to only one Twinfield account/administration.

Why are there differences between these bookkeeping tools?

Teamleader operates from one CRM which means that each customer has only one specific customer ID. As a result, Teamleader can only synchronize with one other CRM. So if the bookkeeping tool does not work with customer ID’s, or if Teamleader has the possibility to manage these ID’s (as is the case for Octopus and Yuki), there are no limitations.

However, if the bookkeeping tool maintains different CRM’s (as is the case for Exact Online and Twinfield) there are limitations. Teamleader will only be able to connect with one of them as the single customer ID’s require a one-on-one relationship. If the tool has also only one journal (as is the case for Twinfield), only one department can be linked.