In Teamleader you can link one quotation to one deal.

Does your client ask for another offer regarding a different service/product? The best thing to do then is to create a new deal. This way you are able to follow up on your offer meticulously.

Does the client ask to edit the existing quotation? Then you can edit the quotation by clicking on the pencil next to the quotation itself in the overview of the deal. Teamleader saves all the older versions of an offer but in the overview, always the most recent one is shown.

You can find and check the older versions of your quotation under files on the bottom right-hand side within the overview of a deal. Right-clicking the quotation gives you the option to show the history of it. The option to show the history is also available at the top of the page when you go to the pdf preview of your quotation. More information is in this article.