You cannot directly copy a project but you can save a project as template.

How can I create a project template?

  1. Go to the project you would like to copy and click on the arrow at the very top of the page. Now choose “Save as template”.
  2. You then get to see a pop-up:
  • Give the template a name. 
  • Choose to include tasks in the template or not. If you don't include the tasks, milestones will still be saved without the connected tasks. 

Important notes:

  • The project you used as a template should not be changed anymore. If you edit the original project, your templates will change accordingly. Older projects created from the same template will not be affected by this.
  • The tasks within the template project will also appear on the dashboard of you and your colleagues. To avoid this, you need to finish these tasks once. However, do not delete the tasks as they then would also be deleted from the template.

Therefore, we highly discourage to use the template project as a regular project.

How can I use a project template?

When you start a new project, you can now select the template you've created. 

Project template: add

What will be copied from the template to the new project?

  • The names of the milestones
  • The time frame of the milestones. That means that the time in between and corresponding dependencies will be copied. After you've chosen a start date or an end-date, the milestones will be created accordingly.

Project template: copy

  • Budget distribution on the different milestones
  • Invoice preferences of the milestones
  • Tasks (depending on your choice): the task responsible remains the same as in the original template project. In case you prefer to have one responsible for all tasks, who then distributes the tasks as a second step, then you'll have to create a project with all tasks linked to that user and create a template out of the project.

Can I change my project template?

Read this article if you want to learn how to edit a template.

Can I delete a project template?

In case you want to delete a project template, then you go to Settings > Projects > Project templates and click on the small bin next to the templates you would like to delete.

This has no influence on the already existing projects that you've made with the same template.