In order to delete several contacts or companies in one go, you first need to create a segment on CRM level that includes all those contacts or companies. Therefore, you need to define fitting rules.

In case you want to delete, e.g. all of your contacts, the best segment would be the following:

delete contact segment

  1. After you created a segment that includes all contacts or companies you would like to delete, you have to select that segment in the dropdown-menu next to the search field. 
  2. You will then see an “Actions” button at the top right of your overview next to “Import” and “Export”. 
  3. Clicking on this button gives you the option to delete all the contacts or companies in the segment.

delete contacts in segment

Is it possible to restore the deleted data?

In case you accidentaly deleted the wrong contacts or companies, an admin user of your Teamleader account can still restore the data from the recycle bin

The admin can find the recycle bin under Settings > Recycle bin. Please note that only the items that have been deleted in the last 30 days will be visible here. On day 31 they will disappear and be permanently deleted.