Teamleader has a link with several accountancy tools. We can divide them into two categories:

  1. Two-way sync: some accountancy integrations are two-way synced, meaning Teamleader sends information to the software but also receives information. These tools are all online software.
  2. Export only: Teamleader has a one-way integration with a number of (mostly offline) accountancy tools. In this case, only information from Teamleader can be imported into the software.

Here is an overview of the accountancy software Teamleader is able to link with and in which countries they are available:

2-way synchronisation:

Name Countries active Languages available
Exact Online BE NL DE FR UK English, French, Dutch, German
Twinfield BE NL DE UK English, Dutch, German
Yuki BE NL English, Dutch, French
Octopus BE Dutch, French

Export only:

These are a number of offline tools. Unfortunately, most of these are only available in Belgium right now. In the future, this list will be expanded over multiple countries.

Name Languages available Countries active
Expert-M Dutch, French, English BE NL
Exact Globe / Cubic Pro Dutch, French, English BE NL
Super Hi-Link Dutch BE
BOB (Sage) Dutch, French BE
Briljant Account Dutch BE
ProAcc Dutch BE
Sobec Dutch BE
SwingCount Dutch BE
Venice Dutch, French BE NL
VERO-Count Dutch BE
Winbooks Dutch, French BE
Winbooks on Web Dutch, French BE
Wings Dutch, French, English BE Dutch BE
Accountancy (Admisol) Dutch BE
Alpha Management Dutch BE
Datev German DE