Do you ask your clients to pay upfront? Do you then deduct the time spent on that project to ensure your customer doesn't pay too much? Prepaid timetracking might be your thing!

Note: This feature is not activated for every account by default. If you'd like to use this feature, simply send an email to our support. Our support team will then happily activate this feature for you, free of charge!

1. How to set up prepaid timetracking?

1. As soon as the feature has been activated, you'll see three dots next to the timetracking section 'Unbilled time spent' for each contact and company.

2. Once you click on the three dots, the following screen will allow you to enter the remaining credits for this contact/company.

3. These credits will then be displayed in this part of the CRM.

4. You can also select 'Automatic invoicing'. This means that Teamleader will automatically generate an invoice as soon as the credits for this contact/company fall below a certain minimum.

5. Once you've set up the credits, you can start tracking time for this client. More information on timetracking can be found here.

6. Tracked time will not be deducted automatically, you'll need to authorize this first. To do so, tick the timetrackings you'd like to deduct and click on 'Actions' > 'Authorize'.

Note: Can't find the button 'Authorize' anywhere? Simply navigate to 'Settings' > 'HR' and click on the pencil next to your profile. Then set the slider next to  'Authorisation for timetracking' on yes.

2. Prepaid timetracking report

The customer might ask you for an update on the amount of credits you have been using while you were working on a project. You can easily do this by exporting the prepaid timetracking report:

  • Go to the client page and click on the three dots next to company/contact information > Download report > Export prepaid log. Afterwards you can send this report to your client. 
  • This report will give you and your customer a clear overview of how many credits have already been used.