Important note: the option to send invoices from Teamleader by post is only available in 2 countries so far: Belgium and the Netherlands.

In general, Teamleader offers three types of sending options:

  • regular
  • registered (not available in the Netherlands yet)
  • registered with receipt (not available in the Netherlands yet)

Keep in mind that the invoices will be printed in black and white and not in colour!

General information


  • Provider: Bpost
  • Payment method: Teamleader credits (more information)
  • Pricing:
    • normal: € 1,60
    • registered: € 7,50
    • registered with receipt: € 8,50

The Netherlands

  • Provider: Mailwriter
  • Payment method: Teamleader credits (more information)
  • Pricing:
    • normal: € 1,30

How does it work?

Sending an invoice or a reminder manually:

  1. When sending an invoice or a reminder and clicking on the button on the respective invoice, you will get a pop up.
  2. Choose 'Send via postal service'. This brings you to the screen below.
  3. If the address is available for that company or contact, it will be filled in here automatically. When changing the country, the availability of the service will be checked again.

  4. Choose the "Send type".

  5. Click "Send".

  6. The invoice will then be printed out and sent via our postal service partners.


  • You can only send invoices within the respective country, e.g. invoices from Belgium to Belgium, not invoices from Belgium to France.

Sending an invoice or a reminder automatically

(This feature is available in our Move package or higher) 

  1. Click the link to go to the general explanation of how you can send an automatic reminder or send an invoice automatically from a subscription.
  2. Set up the automatic reminders under Settings > Invoices > Automatic reminder for invoice.
  3. Put the slider next to "Send via postal service" on "Yes".
  4. Choose the "Send type".


  • The request to send the automatic reminder will be processed by the postal service on the day itself and should be received one or two days later.
  • In case the automatic sending fails, you will receive a notification and an error message will show up in the activities of the invoice:

Possible reasons for an automatic sending to fail:

  • Sending an invoice via post is not available for your country.
  • The sending option does not exist for your country (only for Dutch accounts).
  • You did not have enough Teamleader credits (only for Belgian and Dutch accounts).
  • The address was invalid.