You've just started with Teamleader, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're starting from scratch. It may be possible that you have a list of projects that you'd like to import into Teamleader. Well, you can!

Note that your import file (CSV or Excel) should contain certain information, and should be structured properly. More information on that can be found in this article.

Once your file is structured properly, simply send it to our support along with your login data. Our support team will then carry out the actual import.

Note: For security reasons, we ask you to change your password before you hand over you login data.

Important notes:

  • Adding projects to Teamleader is only an add-on operation. This means that you cannot update existing projects but can only add new ones. Apart from that, the import works the same way as a CRM import: The columns need to be matched with the right field and the option to undo the import is also available for about two weeks.
  • There needs to be min. one and max. ten milestones per project.
  • It is not possible to add extra employees to projects using the CSV-import. If you create a segment on the added projects, employees can be added as participants or final responsible with a fixed hour rate through 'Actions'.

Import file

a) Fields for project itself

Mandatory columns

  • Project name: Name/Title of the project
  • Budget: If there is no fixed budget, then fill in 0 in this field.
  • Start date: Starting date of the project (recommended date format: yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Customer name: Name of the customer

Optional columns

  • Responsible: Name of the Teamleader user who is responsible for the project.
  • Project number: Fill in the number of your project; you cannot fill in letters in this field, only numbers.
  • Custom fields: Custom fields on project level can also be filled in during an import, we advise you to create the necessary custom fields before you do the import
  • Phase: You can use one of the following values:
    • active: this is the standard value
    • done: finished project
    • cancelled: cancelled project
    • onhold: project put on hold
    • Note: The names of project phases need to be added in English. If you translate or modify the names of these phases, they will not be recognised by Teamleader.

ID to match with a company: ID to match with a company. This needs to be custom field on company level of the type single-line text.

b) Fields for related milestones

Mandatory columns

  • Name of the milestone
  • Budget: If there is no fixed budget, fill in 0 in this field. Note: The sum of the budgets of the milestones cannot exceed the budget of the project.
  • Invoiceable: 0/1; 0 means that this milestone is not invoiceable, 1 means that it is invoiceable. This choice determines the invoiceability of all timetrackings on this milestone.
  • Due date: Due date of the milestone. It needs to be later than the starting date of the project (recommended date format: yyyy-mm-dd).

Optional columns

  • Responsible: If this field is left blank, the responsible of the linked project will be filled in.
  • Closed: 0/1; 0 means that the milestone is open (standard setting); 1 means that the milestone is closed. For finished projects with status "done", 1 is the standard value.