Segments in Teamleader offer the option to create an overview of your lists of contacts, companies or any other module in Teamleader. In order to create an and/or statement in a segment, you simply follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the module, you would like to add an and/or statement to > Click on the dropdown menu next to the "search field"
  2. You add a name and decide who should be able to be able to see and edit this segment.
  3. Next to "Rules" you choose "At least one rule applies". This means that you can add several rules and you will see all contacts, companies, etc. that fulfill at least one rule.


The example above will only return companies in Belgium which have a linked accepted deal.

Using the segment in the example above will give you all companies in Belgium, all companies that are linked to an accepted deal, and all companies in Belgium that are linked to an accepted deal.