In Teamleader, the number of contacts, companies, and so on, you can add to your account is limited.

An overview of the different limits in our platform: 

  • In the CRM module, you can add no more than 10,000 contacts and companies combined. For example, if you add 2,000 contacts, you can add no more than 8,000 additional contacts or companies. You can increase this standard amount by paying an additional cost of €10/month for 10,000 more contacts and companies combined.

  • In the Products module, you can add no more than 20,000 products.

  • In the CRM module, the standard amount you can create is 25 different custom fields. However, the hard limit for custom fields you can add in contacts, companies, deals, and projects is 50. For all the other sections in Teamleader, the standard limit of 25 applies. It’s important to double-check whether fields are actually useful or whether you’re repeating fields throughout your account. 

  • In general, our platform ideally fits 2 to 50 users. You have the ability to add up to 100 users but bear in mind that Teamleader isn’t designed for this use case on a technical level.

In addition, there’s also a size limit for the files you upload in Teamleader, and so on