When you track time in Teamleader, you'll probably want to continue by billing this to your clients. If you do so, the tracked time will be grouped by type, e.g. work type, meeting or call.

You will not see any details of the timetracking on the invoice, as you have the option to send a timetracking report along with the invoice.

In the following you will find read more on:

  • Checking the timetracking report
  • Sending the timetracking report
  • Customizing the timetracking report

Checking the timetracking report

To open the timetracking report, simply click the three dots on top of the invoice and choose "Timetracking report".

Sending the timetracking report

If you then send the invoice, you'll have the option to add the timetracking report as an attachment.

Customizing the timetracking report

Much like other Teamleader documents, the timetracking report is also customizable. 

  1. To do so, simply navigate to Settings > Document layout > Timetracking report
  2. To also add the description of the timetracking to the timetracking report, you need to add the shortcode $DESCRIPTION$ to the template of your Timetracking report.
  3. If you then upload this document to Teamleader, the description of the timetracking will appear when you send a timetracking report along with your invoice.

More information on how to set up a template can be found here.