Teamleader allows you to restrict CRM access for co-workers. To do so, simply navigate to Settings > HR and click on the pencil icon next to a co-worker's name. Do note that this can not be done for admin users.

If this slider is set to "Yes", the corresponding user will only be able to see companies for which he or she is account manager. In addition, your co-worker will only see contacts related to a company for which he or she is account manager.


  • You cannot combine limited access to CRM and limited access to Deals. Click here to find out why.
  • If you want to limit CRM access, but you do want more than one colleague to have access to a certain company, you can also add a second account manager. Click here for more information.
  • If a user is the leader of a team, the limited CRM isn't available in the HR options of the user. 
  • If a user has limited CRM access, he/she cannot send & track emails to certain contacts with the Gmail plugin. He/she won't get an error message but the blue box of Teamleader in Gmail will keep loading doing nothing.