• Which timetracking overviews are available?
  • Who should have access to this overview?

If you want to work with exports, insights and targets, it's important to let your colleagues know, so they use the different ways to track time. This will help you deliver a clear and realistic timesheet, in order to know exactly who did what when - you get the picture.

In terms of reporting, Teamleader offers the option to send a daily HR report to admin users. He or she can also export reports per user via Timesheets > Export, and a general overview via Settings > HR > Arrow next to "Users". By default, every Teamleader user has access to timesheets of all members on one team, while admin users have access to all timesheets.

Also, you'll be able to access certain stats via Insights > Timetracking. An example would be the different performances per user or work type. Along with these stats, you'll also have the option to create targets for timetracking, e.g. calls.

To prevent colleagues from changing timetracking manually, admin users also have the option to freeze timetracking after a certain time. This can be done by navigating to Settings > Timetracking > Preferences. That's it; you're all set for timesheets.

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