• What do you want to invoice?
  • How do you want to invoice?

In Teamleader, there are several ways to invoice your products and services. But you'll need to be clear on your workflow once you've won the deal, and discuss this internally. This will allow you to make optimal use of Teamleader right from the start.

Before you completely lose yourself in the maze of invoicing options, it may come in handy to create or import some products. Even if you don't sell products in a classical sense, we'd advise you to add services or products, as you can then add long descriptions and translations to them. This will definitely save you some time when creating the actual invoice.

For more information, be sure to read "Getting started with: Products". Moving on to the different ways to create an invoice:

Invoice via deal

Use the "Action" button within a deal to convert an accepted deal into an invoice. The contents of your quotation will be copied, but can still be altered or completed. The advantage? You'll now have the link between the deal and the invoice to the deal. #WorkSmarter

Do note that you can only add products to an invoice based on time tracking, you cannot add time tracking to an invoice based on a deal/products. When creating an invoice out of a deal, you also have the option to split up payments and create an advance invoice.

Invoice a project

For this option, we advise you to read "Getting started with: Projects".

Invoice timetracking

You can also track time and create invoices based on tracked time. You have two options to do so:

  • You invoice the tracked time via the contact/the company itself by navigating to the specific contact/company and by clicking "Actions" > "Unbilled time spent" > "Create invoice"
  • You can also navigate to the invoice overview and click on Invoice unbilled time in the top right-hand corner.

You can then still edit that invoice and add products, etc. The positions on the invoice are merged based on the type of time tracking: calls, meetings, tasks based on work types. As soon as you create an invoice based on time tracking, a timetracking report will be created automatically. This report gives you a more detailed overview - that you can also add to your invoice as you send it to a customer.

Do note that you can only add products to an invoice based on time tracking, you cannot add time tracking to an invoice based on products.

Invoice from scratch

You can also create an invoice from scratch by navigating to Invoices > Add invoice or - on the detail page of a contact/company - by clicking the plus sign in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Do note that you can only add products to an invoice based on tracked time, you cannot add time tracking to an invoice created from scratch.

Recurring invoices

You can also create subscriptions in Teamleader in case you have recurring invoices. These can even be created from a deal right away if you set the cost type to recurring on your quotation. This way, you won't forget to invoice your client - as invoices will be created automatically. You can even choose to create a task automatically once a subscription is renewed by navigating to Settings > Invoices > Preferences. And finally, you can choose to book those invoices and send them automatically. Other options include direct debit and merging invoices from subscriptions.

Do note that subscriptions are a separate module. If subscriptions are not active in your account but you do use the invoicing module, you can send an email to our support team to activate this feature.

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