On your "Teamleader license" page, you have several possibilities to upgrade your account and therefore to work even smarter. Find out how:

  1. Click on your "icon user" in the top right hand corner
  2. Choose "Teamleader license"
  3. There you have different optionsĀ 
  • Billing info
  • Your Teamleader subscription
  • Teamleader credits

Billing info

Here you can:

  • Update your billing information
  1. Click on the pencilĀ next to "Billing info"
  2. Fill in the updated details
  3. Click "Save"
  • Add your credit card in order to:
    • Pay your invoices automatically

Teamleader licence - billing info

Your Teamleader subscription

Here you can see the modules you already have in your subscription and you can click the little plus-buttons to:

  • Add more users (see also in this article on how to buy new users)
  • Add more storage room for contacts and companies (per 10 000 together)
  • Add more storage room for files (per 10 GB)
  • Add more storage room for products (per 10 000 products)

Note: All of the above can be paid by creditcard immediately.

You also unlock add additional modules to your current subscription:

  • Invoices
  • Tickets
  • Projects

To unlock one of these modules, you will have to contact our customer success department, they will help you to get started.

Teamleader licence - unlock modules

Teamleader credits

Buy credits for your Teamleader wallet

  • You can buy a cashpack
  • Or enable autorefill

The credits can be used to call with Twilio, buy Trendstop data, send text messages or to send invoices with a postal service. In this article you find a full overview what you can do with your Teamleader credits.