Next to our customers, our product is our top priority. We have quite a number of very skilled engineers working on Teamleader every single day to make Teamleader an even better product for you.

So, let's check where you can find information on our product vision, our roadmap and the newly released features.


On our Teamleader blog, we continuoulsy share updates on our vision, our product decisions and also our roadmap. 

Two examples:

Product updates

On our Teamleader blog, we also have a section called "Product updates". As soon as we release a new feature, you find a brand new article here which not only explains you the new feature but you also receive additional information on our vision.

Changelog icon in app

We saved the best part for the end! In your Teamleader account, we continuously keep you posted on new features, new releases, bug fixes, etc.

Just go to your Teamleader account and click on the little present icon in the top bar.

As soon as you click on it, a window opens with all news in Teamleader. Go check it out, I assure you that it is worth it!